Welcome to Star Wars Resort !

"Hello, my name is TC14, human cyborg relations. Welcome to Star Wars Resort [?], the official Star Wars theme park. Please choose a sector below, or use the left menu to navigate by Star Wars episode or type of items - attractions, shops, hotels... "

"Below is a comprehensive list of all the Star Wars Resort attractions, shows, shops, hotels and restaurants. They are sorted according to their location within the Resort. You may use this list at your convenience to access the description of any item."


Coruscant Tourism Starport Park entrance
Senate Panic! Ride
Coruscant Speeder Chase Roller Coaster
Trade Federation Space Route Ride - Service
Hyperspace Shuttle Ride - Service
Jedi Council Skyroom Ride
Star Tours DX Simulation
Coruscant HoloMovies Show - Animation
Jedi Vs. Sith Show - Animation

Dex Diner Restaurant
Outlander Club Restaurant - Games
Padawans Toys & Collectible Shop
Jedi Workshop Shop
Jedi Library Shop
Corusca Gem Hotel Hotel - Restaurant


Panaka's Armory Shop
Theed Royal Palace Hotel - Restaurant
Theed Royal Zoo Attraction
Pirates of the Gungan Swamps Attraction
Otoh Gungan Pools Attraction
Hyperspace Shuttle Ride - Service
Amidala's Labyrinth Maze
Otoh Gunga Aquarium Attraction
Lake Retreat Attraction
Otoh Gunga Water Ride Attraction
[Dagobah sub-sector] Force Jump Ride
[Dagobah sub-sector] Yoda's Hut Restaurant
[Dagobah sub-sector] Dark Side of the Force Attraction

Rebel Outpost

Blockade Runner Simulation
Lando's Casino Games
Nar Shaada Import Shop
Bespin Fall Ride
Chewbacca's Delights Restaurant
Millenium Falcon Simulation
Echo Base Ion Cannon Roller Coaster
Mysteries of the Massassi Temple Maze
X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter Roller Coaster
Wampa Ice-Creams Shop

Imperial Base

Carbonite Freezing Chamber Shop - Service
Stormtroopers Canteen Restaurant
Death Star Prison Break Maze
Imperial Army Stock Shop
Stormtroopers Training Camp Attraction
Death Star Mouse-Droids Simulation
Hyperspace Shuttle Ride - Service
ID Check Patrol Service - Animation
X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter Roller Coaster


Wookiee Planetarium Attraction - Show
Grievous Lightsabers Spinner Ride
Trade Federation Droid Factory Ride
Furry Friends Parade Show - Animation
Wookiee Roarer Coaster Roller Coaster
Order 66 Simulation
Sanctuary Moon Speederbikes Roller Coaster
Ewok Village Attraction


Mos Eisley Starport Park entrance
Mos Espa Slave Quarters Hotel
Geonosian Arena Show - Animation
Mos Eisley Cantina Restaurant - Show
Landspeeder Bumper Cars Ride
Owen & Beru's Hydroponic Farm Restaurant
Kessel Run Roller Coaster
Watto's Junkyard Shop
Boonta Eve Podrace Roller Coaster
Jabba's Palace Maze - Shop - Animation
Jawa Sandcrawler Droid Museum Attraction

Cross-sectors / Outside

ID Check Patrol Service - Animation
Galactic Citizens Service - Animation
Bounty Hunters Animation - Game
Mustafarian Bunker Hotel - Restaurant
Lucky Despot Hotel - Restaurant - Show